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Wild Frontiers’ Jonny Bealby presents a guide to Kerala and the south of India. The Indians have an expression, Shanti Shanti, which loosely speaking means b…
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  • thejattlord 5 years ago

    Kerala hahaha. It’s like watching Mowgli from the Jungle Book. They’re
    black monkeys who live in jungles with elephants and swing between coconut
    Their food is shit..all they have is rice, idli sambhar and dosai. Their
    land is just a network of sewers (canals). Their men are weak and
    black..their only hope of looking like men is by growing a moustache
    (which even their women can do) lmao.

  • SamuelJohnson2222 5 years ago

    Kerala! Without a doubt one of the BEST Tourist Destinations on planet
    earth. The absolute best place in India! Great Cuisine. Wonderful people –
    educated, polite, civic minded. Lush green. Love the elephants. Heavenly
    boatrides. Tea plantations. Hill Stations. Backwaters. Beaches. Absolutely
    the best.