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Join me on a trip to Marrakech, Morocco! This is a travel guide to the best vacation:-) Subscribe: & follow:…



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  • Billy88 4 years ago

    Been to morocco in 2010 this place is a definition of a Shithole

  • riad ariha 4 years ago

    riad ariha in marrakech

  • Ian S 4 years ago

    Hello, which hotel did you stay at?!

  • Api Zamria 4 years ago

    nice video ilove morocco

  • Hima SOG 4 years ago

    Anna Thank you for sharing this beautiful video!

  • Kevin A 4 years ago

    Nice video, lovely lady.

  • adam lambert 4 years ago


  • justmiiLeaH 4 years ago

    So cool. Im going to Morocco next year and this video is so helpful!

  • chinchin142 4 years ago

    im thinking of goin to morocco this year around oct. did u hv a good time
    there ?

  • farva hussain 4 years ago

    how much were the rugs?

  • U can drink alcohol every where

  • mim smith 4 years ago

    to anyone wants to come to morroco

    i’m here to show you everything about it

    just msg me

  • Lenira Bichara 4 years ago

    oh so beautiful

  • Tezofgilead 4 years ago

    lol@ director wannabe! Nice ideas for eating though,only here 2 days.

  • yassine tagoulla 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video 

  • Sam10947 4 years ago

    u look like that girl from Gramatik ‘s video “so much for love” 

  • leab suebsai 4 years ago

    once of my life must to go Morocco,this vdo it useful to me ,thank you

  • fayçal moussaif 4 years ago

    Welcome to my country from Rabat with love

  • Abdelilah Hilal 4 years ago

    m’y home town is marrakesh i really love morocco 😉 thank you for visiting

  • benazzine inass 4 years ago

    morocco my country <3

  • Jeremiah 4 years ago

    It really makes me sad that I was born in Morocco and still saw almost all
    the 50 states in America, but never have been to this wonderful city 🙁 I
    hope you had fun there :)

  • Frankie 4 years ago

    i have heard there is a lot of scam there in Marrakech. I hv 70year old mom
    n 2 teenagers tat will be goin there with me n husband. how do I make sure
    we wont get cheated from Casablanca airport to Marrakech? wil there be any
    inconveniences for my 70y mom?

  • stopmakingjoinrules 4 years ago

    THis is a very nice travelogue video. I get such a good feeling as your
    voice is pleasant & there is a respectful feeling throughout. Travelers
    respect for places/culture very important. When you speak of saving the
    pets, this is the clincher. I will def subscribe. Looking forward to
    viewing more of your excellent manner of making a travel video. thx

  • Morocco is like any other countrys but with a unique charm and hot …

  • mo bel 4 years ago

    thanks great video!!

  • MashToWin 4 years ago

    So nice of you to feed the cats.. Also you are very pretty :-)

  • Dan Arena 4 years ago

    This video is great…showing such amazing places of Morocco!! I am also
    planning a trip to Morocco with other if anyone would like to
    join please feel free..

    Thanks… :-)

  • Annabella Daily 4 years ago

    Thanks Katie! Have you been to Morocco?

  • Hétalienne Fr 4 years ago

    Not many people speak English, but there are. I’d advise to learn a tiny
    bit of French just to stay on the safe side, though. Either way, they’ll
    try their best to communicate as they really are welcoming people, but your
    own efforts will be also greatly appreciated.

  • Hétalienne Fr 4 years ago

    Depends. I’ve seen moroccan people selling stuff speaking broken English
    once or twice but really, nothing beyond “hello’, “not expensive” and such.

  • jlliano 4 years ago

    Im planning to travel there this December for the FIFA Club World Cup 2013.
    Do you think the languages would be a big issue?

  • natabeable 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • Flowritta Rose 4 years ago

    again im so glad you loved my contry, it seems you enjoyed being in
    merrakech , yes its a great place, be safe bye <3

  • Lucille Salzer 4 years ago

    Have you been to Disney in Florida? If not go on line at and check out the photos of Epcot you will be amazed
    its my fav place to go lv Lucille

  • Kimberly Rose 4 years ago

    I love your sunglasses! What kind are they? What a wonderful trip you must
    have had! Looked wonderful!

  • xmissyx29 4 years ago

    what is the name of the riad you stayed at? awesome vlog:)

  • Annabella Daily 4 years ago

    Thanks! They are Warby Parker:-) I love that they give away one pair to
    someone in need for every pair you buy. Stay tuned for the Atlas Mountain
    trek on Thursday!

  • Marouane alamdar 4 years ago

    I’ve liked what you did with the cat you are a good human being this thing
    is clear

  • Gabriel Traveler 4 years ago

    Morocco is definitely on my travel list, looks awesome!

  • JOUBA24 4 years ago

    very lucky man , and thanks for sharing,,,,,,,

  • mohamed abdelbar 4 years ago

    no there is a lot of people who speakes english so don’t be scared

  • Mounir Zouine 4 years ago

    Vive le maroc

  • addyy c 4 years ago

    great place I have been there and loved my trip to marakesh

  • Jack Stamp 4 years ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing at everything she said. I think she pronounced
    about two words correctly throughout the whole video!

  • Nice.

  • NellieNoa 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your trips with us! 🙂