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  • UncleEvey 5 years ago

    Nice images of Goa 😉

  • putinscousine 5 years ago

    @ikelaw Goas Main Language is KONKANI. A Mix between Portugese and
    Mahrati.Very difficult to learn and speak.

  • guykinsley 5 years ago

    I was up that Aambol joint,, was really groovey,, spacial..cosmic.. did
    this sleep therapy.. delicious stuff.. ive never been so asleep,, can you
    recomend any other sleep therapy sites as im in Thailand bedding all these
    whores but all I really want to do is…. go to sleep.. Didi Wop Devi Shah
    Bom Bom BENGALI….. Aka,, Kevin from Byron Bay.. Since comleting the the
    sleep course , ive got two boyfriends and I feel so freedom within… Kevin