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Original video by NatGeo channel. Lonely Planet puts budding writer and raw recruit Tamara Sheward through her paces on a journey down the road less travelled in South-East Asia’s latest travel…
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  • Dan O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    driving in Philippines was fun but this driving Tamara did through the
    jungle was awesome!! Frazier island driving I did was a very weak dilute

  • Dan O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    I did similar things in Thailand and found this… no surprises..

  • Dan O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    she’s not good with communication . talks wayyy too fast to the locals
    using English slangs.. no good. I think I’m more adaptable than this..
    I’d at least pick up a bit of the language… no tourist info structure..
    so what do you expect?

  • Dan O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    Island hopping is impressive though!

  • Threeland Travel 4 years ago
  • Kiki Matondang 4 years ago

    do you know the name oh the theme song?