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“Your Travel Guide” Brian, samples Beijing’s bizarre and delicious fare. For more on China visit
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  • ryan evah 5 years ago

    shit. chinese really don’t eat any kind of insects. that’s freaking scary.

  • Happylatte 5 years ago

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    in Beijing! Open positions include Sr. Game Designer, Game Engineer (3D),
    and more! Food in Beijing, China

  • KatiushaVN4 5 years ago

    @gchhour You’ll regret to eat Chinese foods. Lots of greasy, not delicious

  • snillocgromreturns 5 years ago

    oh the stuff we make up for tourism…’s like the fortune cookie, or
    chop suey….nobody even knows what those are back in China.

  • shanx131 5 years ago

    Have a good time in beijing!

  • 棠 奕 5 years ago

    Do you guys know? The local people in Beijing never eat those strange food
    like scorpions, those strange foods are for tourists, especailly for
    foreigners whom believe Chinese eat everything. 🙂

  • Bruce Wayne 5 years ago

    This is great to watch because tomorrow i am cooking chinese food and
    spending the day getting supplies at an Asian market! cant wait

  • RepoDemo 5 years ago

    @Hunkola what are you talking about it’s a case of taste and has nothing to
    do with famines or revolutions. thats why it’s still eaten today if it was
    just because of the famines and reolutions then why are chinese still
    eating these things today. it a delicacy like snails in france and aligator
    in southern usa. stop being an angry little person.

  • Michey Martin 5 years ago

    Haha no there’s no way i’d eat a snake, just cause I wouldn’t want to drink
    the blood (which you have to do)

  • Evilsinder 5 years ago

    Duck =P so looking deliciously good

  • christpunchers 5 years ago

    Locals do not eat the weird stuff, anyone who thinks it’s common diet is
    probably a tourist. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a bug every
    now and then but it’s a huge tourist trap.

  • blueice580 5 years ago

    Its a friggin travel video people. If you want to show hatred, show it on
    your mums and sisters. Dont show it on a video.

  • 2100549 5 years ago

    duh chinese foods from china lol

  • MrPierre1210 5 years ago

    but beijing duck is really nice!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Sim 5 years ago

    @mengyl You are right.These few chinese who eat all these ugly stuff are
    giving the majority of nomal Chinese a bad name;& these few retarded
    chinese are either from very poor families who had no decent food to eat
    while they grew uo, or they have erectal dysfunction,premature
    ejaculation,or other sexual dysfunction, thinking eating these weird
    creatures will give them the man power. SHAME!

  • lqlw01 5 years ago

    white people are like frogs living at the bottom of the well. I really
    dislike their attitude towards anything that’s foreign

  • Dhaune 5 years ago

    i dont know how anyone can eat other mammals they are in the same family as
    we are, i mean its ok if you eat fish, chicken or insects or lizards but
    not mammals

  • tree7gate 5 years ago

    you really shouldn’t be watching this when you are

  • NattHrafn 5 years ago

    I’m moving to beijing in 2010 for 6 months as part of studies. Quanjude is
    definitely a restaurant im eager to try out. Hopefully entering some
    chinese cooking classes there. Wo hui shuo yidiar zhongwen, wo de laoshi
    shi zhongguo ren. Beijing is definitely a culinary adventure.

  • Pengfei Nie 5 years ago

    HAhaha Mi piace tantissimo!!! Forza pechino !!!

  • shuminahdingydong 5 years ago

    although chinese has some great food the best food in the world is lebanese
    without a doubt top class bloody yum dip dip pick taste bonanza mmm i have
    to settle down

  • nonstop 5 years ago

    I don’t want to try Chinese street food because i’m scared i might
    something’s penis/testicle

  • wintercocooo 5 years ago

    Roast duck is definately my favorite.

  • Xancevoyz 5 years ago

    Actually I like how Chinese food is so different from rest of the world.
    That’s what make our world so diverse and unique! If you go China or Uganda
    and eat McDonalds, you’d just stay at US forever.

  • victorwongvw 5 years ago

    @sari19631010 haha, sorry I will have to disagree with you