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What happens if you make a travel show with no planning? FIRST TIME HERE follows travelers Josh and Emily as they explore new places for the first time. See …
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  • Giorgio Blu-ray 5 years ago

    Japan! Love it so much!

  • whiskers08spot09 5 years ago

    Like if youre here because of buzzfeed !

  • Danny Park 5 years ago


    Next time you go on youtube search…
    Doge meme
    Beam me up scotty
    Use the force luke
    or if you’re already in a video press 1980 really fast for a missile
    command easteregg
    Click on the link and press the added “POW” button and the video turns into
    a cartoon

  • Grace Shada 5 years ago

    like if your watching this in comic book mode

  • crzyrdr 5 years ago

    Zero personalities, act like u got some life in you guys…you r young come

  • troylqy 5 years ago

    Did you guys were on the course Semester On The Sea,and the final
    destination is Barcelona?I have a friend also joined this course!

  • ecovenus456 5 years ago

    i will come to japan in march! XD

  • liketanyanot 5 years ago

    You all seem rather dour and forgive me, not really enjoying yourselves.
    Kind of being ugly Americans in your sensibilities. You should have boned
    up more on Japanese culture before going and presenting such a downbeat
    representation of Americans abroad. PS- apparently all the other gaijin
    making videos about Japan and living in Japan know where the cheap meals
    and places to stay are because they seem to be finding them left and right
    and are far more cheerful and resourceful about it. I also really hate the
    way every other sentence is peppered with the word “weird” as well- more
    ugly American sensibility. Tell us how you really feel. Also: if you are
    making a travel show, please don’t film your time in McDonald’s. Seriously-
    only further solidifies your ugly American tacky and uncultured
    preferences. If you just want to lounge around the house in a Slanket in
    your home in the ‘burbs, be my guest. But please don’t represent your
    country when traveling abroad in such a petulant, unenjoyable way. It looks
    like people are bending over backwards in this video to help you and be
    nice and all you can do in return is look at them with a blank stare and
    comment on how weird the silence is. That’s considered rude in any

  • colliecandle 5 years ago

    If I were fortunate enough to be able to visit Japan, I’d be heading off to
    spend MANY hours riding the Kisuki line ! (and many others) In fact, I’d
    be happy living on the trains.

  • wilfredo galarza 5 years ago

    Whoa! The director look exactly like James Franco having a bad wake up
    call! LOL!

  • Paige Coburn 5 years ago

    Oh my god this was so boring. You two would not stop complaining! Get over
    it – it’s rain!!

  • Fuutonquick 5 years ago

    This isn’t the damn Travel Channel, there’s a channel for that, it’s called
    the Travel Channel.

  • xXPondeReplayXx 5 years ago

    Great video but I think u guys should try to be more lively.

  • xXPondeReplayXx 5 years ago

    Awwwww Japanese people are so generous <3

  • Fuutonquick 5 years ago

    That makes the show more relate able to people that have never been. Why
    bother being an independent director editor is you’re just going to follow
    the same super saturated trends of the American TV industry. All the things
    you said made me like this more rather than less. Think about it.

  • sweetlovve_ 5 years ago

    She seems boring. I don’t think you all did your research though lol. So of
    course you’ll think it’s a tad “weird” But if you had done the research you
    might’ve found reasons behind it 😀

  • namekom 5 years ago

    Good video. but, she looks bored..

  • Jay O' 5 years ago

    Is that James Franco ! LMBO .. 3:40

  • The video quality and editing is good. This makes it watchable. The girl in
    the video seems too awkward and it appears you guys haven’t researched the
    place that you are visiting. Some of the things you are doing can be found
    offensive by the Japanese. Also, when pointing out things you have noticed
    (such as the quietness of the streets in Kyoto), put a positive spin on
    them instead of making it sound strange.

  • orginunknown 5 years ago

    you didn’t know how to exit the train station in shibuya? it never occurred
    to you to follow other people exiting the train. most likely they’re
    leaving the station. smh sheesh.

  • athani1000 5 years ago

    nice tour. but not cover Tokyo famous places

  • AndrewUK1987 5 years ago

    Yes. The Swastika is an ancient eastern symbol for peace, resembling the
    sun. Ironically the Nazis adopted the symbol.

  • Michael Knight 5 years ago

    I think its a jogging path… defiantly not for teleportation. I am just
    speculating though.

  • Michael Knight 5 years ago

    21:31 Are those swastika’s?

  • Milla Peltonen 5 years ago

    I take a umbrella with me where ever I travel…