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  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    New Video: Darjeeling, India!

  • JD COKE 5 years ago

    It’s Indian state but most of the ppl are NEPALESE….

  • abel Maharjan 5 years ago

    Darjeeling was originally a part of Nepal

  • Ranjit Singh 5 years ago

    mark wiens thenk for all like this video and pls come to mcleod ganj
    dharmshala india himachal pardesh

  • Chandranath Das 5 years ago

    Short but good information

  • ten nor 5 years ago

    great videos buddy

  • Rajesh Gorkhali 5 years ago

    Yusaini Mohd Yusof. Hope so its not late but even then If you want to
    travel to Darjeeling from Kolkatta by train then here are the details.
    From Kolkatta there are several trains that goes to N.J.P ( New
    Jalpaiguri).you need to catch one of them for e.g “Seldah Express” is the
    fastest one that leaves Kolkatta in the morning and then arrives N.J.P in
    the evening if you take normal trains then they depart kolakatta at night
    and reaches N.J.P in the morning from there you have to catch bus or cars
    to reach Darjeeling and that the place from where uphill rides starts.
    Before there was a railline to Darjeeling from N.J.P too but its no more
    since the lines were damaged by landslides so you have to get cars or buses
    From N.J.P. Hope so this helps you a lot and if you want anything in
    Darjeeling then just feel to ask . Enjoy your trip.

  • Shine Gold Tours India 5 years ago

    Darjeeling, best hill station in India.

  • shelajet 5 years ago

    what kind of camera did you use ??

  • halkatgp 5 years ago

    The toy trail yet another gift of the British Raj

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Great to hear that, hope you have an awesome trip, and again, thanks for
    watching my videos!

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Thanks! I’m grateful for everyone who watches and leaves a comment!

  • MrExTrEmELoLz 5 years ago

    how was you trip

  • Emma Applegate 5 years ago

    Yes, I understand the motivation. You, my friend, are a citizen of the
    world…at least of the places you’ve been to. With the respect you
    demonstrate towards the inhabitants, they reciprocate equally. BTW, your
    wife does a great job of videographing your travels. I truly enjoy them,
    especially the ones with food. Keep up the good work!

  • Jenna Adhikari 5 years ago

    No. my husband is from Nepal 🙂

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Hey Lucy, thanks for watching. The monkeys weren’t being too crazy like
    they sometimes are, I walked past them without any hassle.

  • Hey Im Peri 5 years ago

    How do you afford to go around Asia like that? Can I please have your job?

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot Gary!

  • LuauLeiYessi 5 years ago

    Wow it looks so colorful! love it! PS. Shout out to Mark for always taking
    the time to reply to his viewers!

  • Michael Awad 5 years ago

    how cold was it

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Hey Avinash, check out the link below the video and in that article I
    included all my visiting tips. I stayed at Hotel Capital. It was good and
    good price. Hope you have a fun time!

  • Prashes Bhandari 5 years ago

    Dude you should try some Nepalese food

  • bryan cole 5 years ago

    Incredible photography Mark – so peaceful. Don’t know if I’m ready for
    India yet. Still planning to head to Bangkok in 2014…

  • Gary T 5 years ago

    Again great video… thanks for your work. You seem to be getting skinnier
    and skinner. Hope your are well.. and enjoy you food..

  • MontrealKelly749 5 years ago

    God I’m obsessed with your channel ! My friends and me are going to India
    next summer and I just love your input ! Keep up the awesome work Mark ! 🙂