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Lonely Planet Traveller magazine photographer Mark Read visits the iconic ancient city of Petra in Jordan, and films a coffee-making ritual in the desert. Vi…



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  • Wie Geht es Dir 4 years ago


  • Andrew Thompson 4 years ago

    Coffee in the desert in Petra, Jordan – Lonely Planet travel video

  • y0ng833 4 years ago

    i wish i can have a cup of coffee there someday too

  • Iguanaintrouble 4 years ago

    CANNOT wait to go

  • paleominius Benz 4 years ago

    very nice video, petra is wonderful, i like it.

  • MasterAsra 4 years ago

    Too bad most of the attractions lose a lot of their charm or become
    overpriced tourist traps that cater to tourists and lose their identity.
    Like the stereotypical “Italian” food you end up seeing if you go with tour
    guides in Rome instead of actual food that most people eat there. Too much
    is catered to Western tastes(or wherever most of the tourists come from)

  • Erryday 4 years ago

    I used to be snobbish and avoided going to see things on the “tourist
    trail”. But then I realized that most places are on the tourist trail
    because they are really worth seeing!

  • Malinda Sargent 4 years ago

    Beautiful place no video or picture does justice, beautiful place and
    beautiful people, ahlan wa sahlan

  • Maria Soledad Velastin 4 years ago

    This is a very exotic place to drink coffee…have a nice day!
    Este es un lugar exótico para beber café…que tengan un buen día!

  • Dorothe Bekkers 4 years ago

    We hebben bij die man gezeten., we gaan zeker nog eens terug, wereldplek.