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Let’s dip into the beautiful country of Indonesia. Most of you will think about Bali, now. Close2Target doesn’t – too much media available already. We decide…



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  • Arya Bagas 5 years ago

    Best ever!!!!*****

  • gajah g 5 years ago

    Rindu ni am pulawku

  • lulu cat 5 years ago

    beautiful place,,^_^

  • Esteffan Lim 5 years ago

    Please visit our website lantanalombok If you are looking for beachfront
    residence property in front of Gerupuk beach / Dundun Beach. This Residence
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  • walad arab 5 years ago

    lombok mule bagus tetu

  • Close2Target 5 years ago

    Certainly you can rent boards at serval places. When you plan to do a
    backpacker’s trip without a surf board then go to Gerupuk. The guys with
    the boats usually have rental boards, too.

  • raf3548 5 years ago

    Fantastic video, thank you! Lombok is paradise!

  • MHD HZQ 5 years ago


  • kevinbeatzeus 5 years ago

    Hey, i make amateur surf videos, and i was wondering how big this file was
    before you uploaded it. I have a hell of a time uploading my clips because
    I can only get 10 minutes of video per upload, maximum. Could you give me
    any pointers? enjoyed watching.

  • Deny Lesmana 5 years ago

    i love 12:31 so beautiful, blue beach u must try beauty Wayag island –

  • Maxamillion1204 5 years ago

    gute reportage, danke

  • lealangitbior 5 years ago


  • sayanglinda22 5 years ago

    I love u all

  • Bintang Pegassus 5 years ago

    I Love This Vidio, Very Beautiful Place

  • walad arab 5 years ago

    lombok is my home,it’s my paradise

  • Zan MarZan 5 years ago

    i think all of you very great closed to lombok island know, especially in
    south of lombok my beloved home,, and i just wanna say “THANK U ALL”‘ i’m
    very interesting to open my mind developing our property here i mean in
    lombok,,, in terms of sasak ethniques many of them uniques in spiritual and
    cerimonial… those are examining the guest to compare with others
    cultures, comperativly…. I LOVE YU ALL……

  • owan1gereneng 5 years ago


  • MHD HZQ 5 years ago

    Do they allow you to rent a board there?

  • Close2Target 5 years ago

    Hi there, after a while you’ll be upgraded by youtube to upload longer
    movies. In the beginning I had the same troubles like you. Be patient. 😉

  • sayanglinda22 5 years ago

    Owhh really nice my country indonesia …

  • JamaicanTeeth 5 years ago

    31:48 Hati hati- means be careful