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CHINA PART TWO (BEIJING, XI AN, CHENGDU) Lighthearted travel tips and tales for the sole traveller From Heathrow Airport to China, The Indie Explorer continues his journey i…
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  • costitravel 5 years ago

    Very interesting video! A invite to look at my video. Thank you!

  • blavvva 5 years ago

    Great fast pace video just like the real deal in China. Where is the video
    reply facility?

  • legendarybloodfang 5 years ago

    and btw l2 read. i never said north korea isnt worse than china

  • legendarybloodfang 5 years ago

    because Ive been to china during summer and you havent? LOL. ive seen and
    experienced what its like there and realized how the media is a bunch of

  • legendarybloodfang 5 years ago

    you people have been brainwashed by the media. if u actually believe that
    china is as bad as ,oh, lets say north korea, you are dead wrong.