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This video provides the U.S. traveler to China with valuable information regarding how to charge and power electrical devices while in China. Find the adapte…
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  • Ronny RonnyRonny 5 years ago

    does it work whit round plugs? you know like europe ones

  • Suzi Hathaway 5 years ago

    You didn’t say if it also works for grounded outlets. Like the 3rd prong on
    a lap top or something? Will that adapter also work for that/ is that what
    those other holes you didn’t talk about for?

  • ConnersTim 5 years ago

    You can use a power strip in China if the accumulated items plugged into it
    don’t exceed the amperage of the circuit breaker (or fuse). And there’s no
    way for me to know what the circuit amperage at your hotel might be.
    Generally speaking, 100 Watts=1 Amp. So, if you plug in a bunch of low
    amperage items (curling iron, camera battery charger, laptop, cell phone,
    etc) you’ll probably be fine. But something like a hair dryer (1875 Watts)
    will trip a 15 Amp circuit by itself. Hope this helped.

  • ConnersTim 5 years ago

    Thank you for the compliment! To answer your question, yes, once the
    computer is plugged into the wall in China (assuming one has followed the
    directions I give in the video) it will operate just as it does in the U.S.
    And you will be able to charge auxiliary devices via USB just as you do in
    the States. Charging devices from your computers is a VERY GOOD strategy
    since electrical outlets are hard to come by in China. You’ll be able to
    charge multiple devices from a single plug in.

  • ConnersTim 5 years ago

    It’s hard for me to know without more information. If you are in the United
    States and ordered a consumer product made for the U.S. market, then you
    can be reasonably confident that it will have a U.S. compatible cord.

  • pinkchocogirl 5 years ago

    If I plug in a power strip, can I use it to charge multiple items? Thanks
    for replying!

  • Bao Yang 5 years ago

    i just ordered something from ebay coming from china… do u think they
    gonna send usa cords or china?

  • ConnersTim 5 years ago

    Ooops! You’re right, not mentioning the third prong was an omission. Yes,
    the adapter will work with the 3rd prong (grounded plugs). I know this to
    be true because I used grounded plugs on my trips. For complete
    clarification, I’ve uploaded a graphic (link now in my comment section)
    showing where the third prong will plugs in. The 3rd prong holes are
    circled in red.

  • ConnersTim 5 years ago

    Hi Ronny, If you’re asking if one can plug a European plug into the this
    adapter and then plug the adapter into the wall outlet in China
    successfully the answer, unfortunately, is no. If your asking if one can
    plug a US configured AC plug into this adapter and then plug the adapter
    into a European wall outlet, the answer is yes. But as with all my answers,
    don’t forget, you’ve got to be sure your appliance has a built in converter
    (see this video), or use an external converter.

  • pinkchocogirl 5 years ago

    Thank u for this helpful video I was wondering if I have my computer
    plugged in (which has the right voltage) is it ok to charge my iPod or iPad
    to the computer?

  • ConnersTim 5 years ago

    Thanks for commenting! But without more information I can’t really reply.

  • colegegrad 5 years ago

    I beg to differ that watts is not important. I learned he hard way

  • pinkchocogirl 5 years ago

    Also will power strips work?