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Burma, officially the Union of Myanmar is the largest country by geographical area in mainland Southeast Asia. The country is bordered by the People’s Republ…



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  • I love to visit in the Burma this will be good next holidays destination of

  • tourindochina 5 years ago

    Very great video..I like to visit Myanmar..Tourism Indochina

  • John K. Lindgren 5 years ago


  • 321myo 5 years ago

    Myanmar Where there are 135 different ethnic groups with diverse culture.
    Where thousands of Golden Pagodas are everywhere. Centuries-old ancient
    cities are situated. Proud and Long history. Country of snow-capped
    mountains of, Beautiful beaches, Plateau, Delta , Tropical forest, Dry
    Plain, World’s only unexplored Archipelago of 800 islands( Mergui) and
    almost all kinds of geography and weather can be found. Country and People
    which is unique but friendly, religious and brave live

  • briantravelman 5 years ago

    That’s not true about the rings. I seen it on NatGeo, and it showed a girl
    take them off, and her head was fine. He neck justed looked really weird.
    It’s the shoullders that are pushed down. The neck is same, and can still
    support the head.

  • 321myo 5 years ago

    Please save our forgotten country and raise to the place it should be. Once
    the largest empire of SE Asia history. Where Oil, Natural Gases and
    Tungsten are abundant. Jade,Gold,Pearl as well as all gems and treasures
    are produced. 90 % of world rubies and 1/3 of Teak come. Should be
    wealthiest but now poorest of the region. Should be strongest as it was,but
    now is being bullied and played. Once won 4 wars against Chinese empire,
    but now under its influence. Please Save our country, Myanmar

  • htet maw 5 years ago

    nicely presented.

  • ManuMetazone 5 years ago

    Did he say only a few hundred Longnecks? There was never ever more than a
    few hundred…