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In Japan, it’s not uncommon for successful women to pay attractive young men huge sums of money for a few cocktails and an hour of platonic companionship. VI…
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  • ThumbsHunter 4 years ago

    sooo… they pay for just talking? They don’t want the D?

  • Michael Lawrence 4 years ago

    This presenter really does look like a disgusting slob. Shit hair-cut,
    grown man wearing shorts, black socks with black shoes… omg. You’re on
    camera ffs.

  • SunnyAegyoify3 4 years ago

    The guys are less manly looking, not that appealing. But wow, the ladies
    are rich…. $450 for a bottle plus paying for the host service?…..

  • Thang Nguyen 4 years ago

    that’s girl is so beautiful, why does she go to a host club?

  • hozumi sora 名古屋のホストクラブ 4 years ago

    This is my job.

  • Alex Botez 4 years ago

    a responsible boss always tastes his employees cocktails before sending
    them to the client. 

  • Isaiah Mullins 4 years ago

    Shaking my head 

  • VIPERXP8 4 years ago

    imagine her having diaharea and all your nervousness will go away

  • halomasterr117 4 years ago

    The cultural differences are astounding but it’s sorta similar right? They
    have host clubs which seems like a much classier version of strip clubs
    etc. It’s crazy interesting to watch. Nice video!

  • Shingeki no Kyojin 4 years ago

    He did a big mistake at 8:47 – you can see him after he told her his name
    he wanted to “shake” her hand, its common in western countrys to do that
    after you said “hello” but it is a NO GO in Japan! Even if you know a
    person well enough, it is not so good to want to shake the persons hand.

  • Vanesa Bukowski 4 years ago

    Oh god, poor Joel, that was truly terrible, hahahah.

  • Strugglebuggie TV 4 years ago

    dear china:
    japan is weak, sexually confused and socially decayed…
    attack now.

  • stonem001 4 years ago

    jeez Vice you could’ve sent a cooler guy for this assignment

  • Theo Tarver 4 years ago

    Jesus Christ, I can’t understand the lyrics but that song was awesome.
    What’s the song called at 3:44?

  • Adam -亚当- 4 years ago

    All together.. .1 2 3. I’m so ronery…

  • ANEWLow Scam 4 years ago

    How could they say they make 50,000 a month and look where they live? That
    has to be BS.

  • Gamin' Snob 4 years ago

    Finally found it for those asking; the song at 3:03 is Excellent Swimmer by
    Sa Yu

  • EagleLooker 4 years ago

    Those questions and confusements on the comment section is obviously

    Ask me stuff. About Japan.

    Dang it hope I didn’t insult anybody XD

  • Kelly 小鹿 4 years ago

    this reminds me of Ouran High School XD

  • urantivirus 4 years ago

    Wow, he got lucky. lol
    Most of the hosts are probably taking old ladies, and he gets a hot young
    Japanese woman.

  • Emil Brandwyne 4 years ago

    I dont really understand why I would go to that place. Especially if I am
    as beautiful as the last girl. 

  • whitecherryorincess 4 years ago

    but 500 million yen? which is like 50 thousand $s, right? thats pretty

  • cuddlepartyatmyhouse 4 years ago

    I mean I have no game. But I wouldn’t of been 10% this awkward. I mean it
    can’t take much to charm a girl who’s paying for company. And there’s zero
    chance of hooking up so no pressure. Like if she friend zones you who gives
    a shit. I’d just be her BFF and hope for a tip. XD

  • surferdudette19 4 years ago

    When the king host said “you look really bad” the way he said it, you would
    almost mistake that comment as concern for your well-being or something.
    Though it was criticism, it sounded so neutral. Now is that skill or what?

  • oreninja 4 years ago

    I get SO much secondhand embarrassment watching this…especially the “do
    you think I’m beautiful” part, ughhh.