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  • Elaine Sun 5 years ago

    thank you for sharing!

  • Jiang xue 5 years ago

    wenzhao or wenzhou? wenzhou is a very small city, beijing will be better

  • MrGeckoonganja 5 years ago

    I have job offers in Beijing and Wenzhao. Does anyone have any insight into
    which of these cities would be best to live and work in?

  • Kevin Anantaradon 5 years ago

    Mutianyu is better than Badaling, right? Going there this late October hope
    it’s gonna be a smash hit!

  • KatiushaVN4 5 years ago

    still a developing country.

  • tourindochina 5 years ago

    great video..thanks for sharing.. Tourism Indochina

  • Daniel Klobucar 5 years ago

    Hey, thanks. Sure, I’d be happy to answer your questions. I wouldn’t like
    to publish my e-mail address here but you can find my contact info on the
    website (link to which is posted in my YouTube profile).

  • Jun J 5 years ago

    Great city!

  • linscent 5 years ago

    I am going to Beijing in September ,wanna travel Beijing once again!

  • Jack Bostock 5 years ago

    Great video! I was in China in October 2011, for a 9 nine day tour of
    Beijing and Xian, and i had a fantastic time. however the weather was quite
    foggy/hazy everyday, in Beijing and Xian, not once did i see weather as
    good as what it is in this video. Did i just get unlucky, or is it that
    time of year? when was all this filmed? As you can imagine, on a foggy day,
    sights such as the Great Wall have less of an impact with limited
    visibility. I had a great time none the less though 🙂

  • Jessica Angelia 5 years ago

    eeteuk and cath vic: wo yao zai president jessica angelia and vin liam lu:
    lu xun and sun xin yi

  • Daniel Klobucar 5 years ago

    @jxskillz I would say September to early November when daytime temperatures
    hover around 25 degrees Celsius and it is mostly sunny and breezy. March to
    May can be pleasant too but there is chance of sandstorms. Winters in
    Beijing are very cold (temperatures could go down to -20 deg Celsius),
    summers extremely hot (40 deg Celsius). I spent a month there in May and it
    was fine. Mostly sunny, warm, with a few rainiy days (it seemed that it
    rained every Thursday lol).

  • CarlosMendoification 5 years ago

    As I look at the road, it has no difference of what they have in America.
    Big,wide roads and it’s jammed with cars.

  • lilylessons 5 years ago

    Want to do online lesson with me?

  • sneddie 5 years ago

    Excellent video!

  • yamainuish 5 years ago

    not everyone, just a part of people as you. however, though you hate china
    and chinese, but china provide many works and business to the world. it
    will have a good future.

  • Jack Bostock 5 years ago

    Wow! you have some cracking photos from around the world, did you take them
    all (the photo album ones)? That festival in Malaysia looked pretty
    intense, haha. Borocay Island looks more like my kinda place 😉

  • derstuttgarter84 5 years ago

    wonderful video. what do you think what i can do for 4 days in beijing?
    what’s the top ten of sights? thank you.

  • tomlovegod 5 years ago

    Beijing is a very interesting place for people to go but the super-dry
    climate XD

  • Daniel Klobucar 5 years ago

    I absolutely agree. I’ve had some miserable weather during my trips, even
    when it was supposed to be nice. If you are interested in photos from
    Beijing and other parts of China (as well as other parts of the world),
    feel free to browse my website (you can find the link in the video

  • Sky300 5 years ago

    will be going there this summer for study abroad program for a year! can’t
    wait. from england.

  • Mreleezy 5 years ago

    everybody hates china and chinese

  • Daniel Klobucar 5 years ago

    Thanks! I thought labelling attractions was a good idea and I’m glad you
    find it useful.

  • Darren Longinus 5 years ago

    @yueyanwen 京津一家

  • Jacqueline Naude 5 years ago

    See this on my bucketlist: