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A walking tour around the city of Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, during a period of a few days in January 2013. I hope that you enjoy this…



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  • GlobeTrotterAlpha 4 years ago

    To my fellow Youtubers who’ve been kind enough to leave comments on this
    video. I welcome any comments that directly refer to the footage and the
    city of Barcelona as a travel destination. Share your good and bad past
    experiences, ask for recommendations / tips for travel etc…

    However, there might be several reasons why your comments haven’t been
    posted or have been removed:
    1) Your comment contains spam or promotes a video / subject matter that I
    believe has nothing to do with this travel video. Politics is a touchy
    subject (especially when it comes to Spain / Catalonia) and there is a fine
    line between comments that I’ll keep and comments that I’ll remove.
    2) Your comment personally attacks another commentator using strong
    language. You may argue / debate in a polite fashion.
    3) Your comment is racist / hateful. These types of comments really piss me
    off and they will get you banned from my channel.
    4) Troll comments that contain all of the above.

    If you don’t agree with these comment posting guidelines, please don’t
    comment on this video (or any other video on my channel). If you’re
    offended / pissed off by these guidelines, please stay clear of my channel.

    To the majority of you who have been watching, posting comments and sharing
    the video. Thank you very much!

  • Kaufhausdetektiv 4 years ago

    I absolutely love Spain. Top european countries. Extremely friendly people.

  • IsabelLovesIvan 4 years ago

    This is a very excellent video. I love cruising the world through YouTube
    and this video is the best I’ve ever see. I hate it when people make
    travel videos and then put their annoying idea of music on top of it. I
    love hearing the natural sounds, the footsteps, car horns, barking dogs,
    church bells, etc. It feels like actually being there. You did a
    beautiful job. And great quality video as well. Thank you so much for
    uploading and sharing this.

  • artmilenio1 4 years ago

    I love Barcelona and people so beautiful.

  • Atanas Gunchev 4 years ago

    Love the reality of it. No music, no story, no distractions whatsoever.
    Just being there – exactly as it is. Great video!

  • Merovingio 4 years ago

    Doppler effect 9:20

  • Sylvia Silooy 4 years ago

    I love your video and very good High Quality on my screen. I use it to
    promote and inform family and friends in Holland and explain why I never
    want to leave again…working and living in Barcelona…I LOVE IT!
    Do you have also a Summer edition of it?

  • Gloria Andrade Puga 4 years ago

    ” Beautiful, Spectacular Barcelona City . ”
    Thank you so much, very very nice vídeo ….. !!!! 

  • rob catalunya 4 years ago

    beautiful city i know i live there… many thanks

  • andaluza 4 years ago

    Barcelona es la ciudad donde mas caciquismo hay!! y donde mas musulmanes!!
    la gente ten trata segun de donde seas!! es la ciudad con mas racismo que
    hay en España!!

  • Jean Poisson 4 years ago

    Merci pour ces belles images! Ça donne le goût de découvrir!

  • Georgia Hook 4 years ago

    I ve been watching this video again and again for several months. I’ve been
    to barcelona twice I am in love with this city and you give me oportunity
    to walk around again. Really relaxes me. Many thanks for sharing this great
    work, best regards from greece!

  • Fran Yaj 4 years ago

    spain was absolutely gorgeous …sadly its overly RACIST, like straight up
    OZARK ALABAMA racism. If anyone of minority descent does go, Madrid is the
    only city. 

  • Beatriz Serrano Flores 4 years ago

    Hermosos recuerdos

  • Josh Cowan 4 years ago

    Awesome, Check out my Spain Film if you have a minute :)

  • Neftali Rosario 4 years ago

    Wow, I am from Barcelona, haven’t been there in over 12 years and I felt as
    if I was there with this beautiful video. I currently live in USA but my
    family and I are seriously considering moving to my beautiful city
    regardless of the economy. I saw a comment of someone saying it is not
    worth it to spend so much money to come to Barcelona, you can eat spanish
    food anywhere, blah, blah lol with all do respect, you can only eat our
    food here, why? Because we have the Mediterranean, the ingredients we use
    in our delicious food cannot be found anywhere else, the art everywhere as
    you walk through the streets is so unique and amazing, did you also noticed
    how unstressed people look? It is a complete different world, I can speak
    on the subject because I have literally lived half of my life there half of
    my life in USA and I can’t wait to go back to Barcelona, Lord willing to
    stay. I appreciate everything I have learned and acquired in The States
    including but not limited to the language, I have also experienced racism
    in this side of the world not because America is racist but because sadly
    but true, there’s still a lot of ignorant people in the entire world that
    don’t event realize that if they dig into their backgrounds they will find
    out themselves as originally from somewhere else too. To the person that
    made the video, thank you so much, it was gorgeous!
    Visca Catalunya! Barcelona, ets la ciutat mes guapa del mon, la que te mes
    varietat de tot, la mes interesant, elegant i casual a la vegada, tens
    estil, tens caracter i em sento super orgullosa de aver nascut aqui, fins
    aviat preciosa! 

  • Maximiliano Larin 4 years ago


  • Julianne McCaughey 4 years ago

    Delightful video I felt like I visited! Great way to catch the vibe of
    Barcelona in January. Years ago I used to watch Barcelona’s live web cam
    but this is far superior. I wanted to live there but ended up in a totally
    different part of the world for many years. One day, I will be there in
    person. Thank you.

  • Nurul Fauziati Kartika 4 years ago

    OMG! I can’t wait to get there…

  • Alexander Steshenko 4 years ago

    I watch this Barcelona walking tour video every few months, since we
    visited the city for the first time three years ago. It’s beautiful,
    although lengthy.
    I can’t wait to take my daughter there.

  • Αλεξία Μυλωνά 4 years ago


  • Liliana M. Escribano, arqta. 4 years ago


  • Barcelona Segway Day - Segway Tour in Barcelona 4 years ago

    thank you so much for this videos, i’m happy to be part of Barcelona, we
    have a great culture,,,, wellcome any time to barcelona.
    greeting from segway barcelona

  • Alberto Carlos Aruj 4 years ago
  • Roger BOHN 4 years ago

    c’est le moment d’acheter pour la retraite plutôt que de laisser l’argent
    dans une banque française..

  • Vita Derm Sion 4 years ago

    Barcelona em hd.

  • Jordi Prat 4 years ago

    thanks globe trotter alpha nice vid at very nice pace…

  • Jonathan Furrow 4 years ago

    A paradise,so much culture,so different and cheap to see in person 

  • tai teip teip 4 years ago

    My dream is to move to live to Barcelona!!! Hope that someday it will come
    true :/

  • Norma Brizuela 4 years ago


  • Max Klein 4 years ago

    Great Video!!! Thanks a lot!!

  • Miguel Barroso 4 years ago

    Viva España y viva Cataluña

  • Reymon Mnguni 4 years ago

    wow this was awesome to watch :)

  • Karim Kamel 4 years ago

    I love Barcelona the city hate Barcelona the football club

  • Tatiana Mckeen 4 years ago

    Next on my list!!

  • KITT456 4 years ago

    Very good video.