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Ayurveda massage – a holistic therapeutic methodology used in India for centuries – as part of the New Delhi Travel series by GeoBeats. Website www.kairali.c…



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  • MONIRUL ISLAM 4 years ago


  • NAMEMEPLEASE 4 years ago

    Her voice is so cute.

  • vivek pal 4 years ago

    kya hme massage krne ka offer mil skta h

  • Shetyre 4 years ago

    accent from women sound so damn cute every time >_>

  • velusamy.s Samy 4 years ago

    please give the massage videio

  • geobeats 4 years ago

    Have you had an ayurvedic massage? Tell us about your experience in the

  • basu rokka 4 years ago

    massage in banglur 09980988864

  • samuelq1 4 years ago

    Was the client wearing stockings?

  • Katherine Aldridge 4 years ago


  • geobeats 4 years ago

    @NAMEMEPLEASE yes and thanks for the comment. She does a nice job
    explaining the process.

  • Mageshwaran R B 4 years ago

    Just see the difference in her face between 0.06 & 2.14 OMG 🙂 , she must
    have enjoyed a good blood circulation.

  • supercashcrazy 4 years ago


  • flash 4 years ago

    i dont knw bout anyone eles but i enjoyed the music most!!

  • bboy2k 4 years ago

    I love the cut at 0:05 – seamless. LOL

  • milabora 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video. I look forward to visiting India one day.

  • CurtisRichman 4 years ago

    How is this a full body massage?

  • ninetreeplanet 4 years ago

    ^-^ looks like they just send ya home with a bunch of oil in your hair.

  • Ajay Shrestha 4 years ago

    are you sure

  • Kunal Sharma 4 years ago

    For body massage contc on 8285495324 kunal frm delhi i also provide door to
    door srvce

  • Ryan N 4 years ago

    i don’t think the people in this video know what the word science means.

  • geobeats 4 years ago

    Ayurveda fun fact 1: Ayurveda is one of the earliest forms of medicine
    known to humans!

  • geobeats 4 years ago

    Thanks for watching!

  • akshay jain 4 years ago

    ayurved roks!the girl faces glows after ayurvedic massage,she looks more
    beautiful than before….

  • prassan Paris 4 years ago

    WAIT WAIT they do for men ? done by young girl ? not dadi ji shame

  • Haris Smith 4 years ago

    India is the best place for medical tourism. Don’t miss aurvedic message
    specially in South India.