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Asia Travel Himeji Castle Japan

Twelfth part of my summer vacation video. Himeji Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the finest surviving Japanese castle. Our wonderful tour guide asked us if we had visited any other Japanese…



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  • rasha4japan 4 years ago

    its beautiful (O,O)

  • gtpluvr 4 years ago

    I visited Himeji-jo in 2004 and I enjoyed it very much!

  • akavitsuma 4 years ago

    hey jesminda chatts next you post videos of your travel please don’t
    include photo’s of your ugly self, fucking dumb bitch.

  • Evan and Rachel in Korea 4 years ago

    I was in Osaka about a week ago but I didn’t have time to see the castle! I
    was so bummed. I did get to go to Umeda, though! There is a video about it
    on my channel.

  • JesmindaChatts 4 years ago

    Thank you, glad you liked it.