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In this special Asia Now update, Host Steve Miller brings you the latest in Thailand after the May coup. -= WEB SITES =- G+: http://goog…



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  • Chansin Henriksen 4 years ago

    dont you get yourself block or censored now. only here and Al jezeeras have
    a decent of info. and thank you.

  • Explorelist 4 years ago

    I’m keeping a close eye on developments in Thailand because it is part of
    my RTW route, and I am planning to book the flights in the next month.
    Great podcast. 

  • Antonio Velasper 4 years ago

    Before coup in Thailand taken place, Thai people were stormed by much
    violence conducted by mafia Thaksin’s nominee government. More than 20
    people got killed from gunshot or grenades by Yingluck’s supporters. Some
    business man like Ekayut Anchanbut who criticized Yingluck government were
    kidnapped and died brutally. And those who criticized Thanksin or Yingluck
    on their improper administration or corruption over the country were not
    allowed to speak up in all public TV channels or any kind of media. Why
    these things were not said by western press media. And is this real
    democratic in the way of USA?
    Frankly speaking, Thai people feel more and happy when military came out.
    We feel safer than country ruled by Thaksin or his nominee’s parliament.
    Grenades and gunshot which happened in the last 6 months and killed many
    innocents’ people were disappeared after coup. Many arms possessed by
    government supported were arrested. I never hear such news from BBC or CNN
    or Reuters or Bloomberg. What kind of press media you are? I just doubt
    you are doing propaganda services to Thansik’s regimes as they always give
    any kinds of incentives to unethical news reporters to give white wash
    himself and his sister. Many reporters had provided services Thaksin regime
    by release made up facts by trimmed some parts of the truths and made up
    new story to manipulate people in the world. We have to take off the dirty
    mask of all these immoral reporters who exchange their roles with dirty

  • astroboy3507 4 years ago

    Not so good !!

  • Max Maybank 4 years ago

    thanks for the update