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May 12 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Search for Flight MH370 heads to site of first ping…
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  • u2bheavenbound 5 years ago

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  • Alpha November 5 years ago

    Here’s my version of events of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight
    1. An hour into the flight, Hijackers managed to knock out all cellphone
    interference using a phone jammer (heck you can go online and create your
    own phone jammer)
    2. The hijackers using the confusion rush into the cockpit and take over
    the plane.
    3. They turn off the transponders, and changed the planes course to the
    Indian Ocean.
    4. Once there, they land the plane unto a remote island ( there are many
    abandoned airstrips lying around from WW2)
    5. The hijackers, using locally hired/ owned boats from the area bring in
    more accomplices in order to dismantle the aircraft.
    6. The passengers are being held as hostages, they will put a ransom up
    once news of the supposed disappearance has died down (this will also give
    the hijackers/ terrorists more time to plan their next moves/actions in the
    months ahead.)
    This is my 10cents to what happened.

  • TheTitaniumsyfy 5 years ago

    The airplane was probably used to hit the Petronas twin towers, just
    before a rally car meeting in Malaysia, but the terrorists’ plan failed,
    maybe the passengers strike back or an attendant threw some hot tea on
    their face. Anyway the black boxes gonna be off soon, I think we will never
    know even if debris will be find.

  • Carmine Fr 5 years ago

    connecting the dots. Iran captured US drones and reverse engineered
    them, So they have tricks to load on board the Boeing 777 and use the
    French as the weak link in air defense to register a flight over the Arctic
    Circle over Canada and over to NYC , with a nuke type sky burst that gives
    a magnetic wave that destroys all the semiconductors in computers and thus
    shuts down America. Why the French ? It goes back to 1967 when Charles
    de Gaulle kicked out all the eleven SAC NATO Air Defense bases out of
    France in protest of the Viet Nam War. So then France belongs in the NATO
    politically but not militarily and there is French independence in
    flights and aviation control. internationally. So if the Iranians can
    confuse the French with a false signalling craft, they would permit an
    Iranian flight over the Arctic to Canada and of course, it would then fly
    to NYC. France has been allies with Iran , as it often is friendly to
    those nations with which America has been at war, due to France being a
    jealous sister nation , competing with American leadership in the world.

    Now Nostradamus spoke of how the Normans would be in chaos, when the
    king of terror strikes the New City at 45 degrees, that is the latitude of
    NYC and in the date of the “Twenty Degrees of Taurus” that is May 21st.
    And as this Sky Burst of Fire attacks the New City , by the King of
    Terror, then Nostradamus puts in his famous strange comment, “The
    Normans will be in Chaos” That is the clincher, That Iran fools the
    French and a base in Normandy ,that is independent of all NATO command and
    air security , will license an Iranian flight over the Arctic to Canada
    that then goes rogue to NYC and emits the Nuclear Aerial Burst of Magnetic
    Radiation that shuts down the American economy and leaves the people in
    the dark and in martial law. elevating the national government to a
    dictatorship under martial law.
    Nostradamus gives the location of the New City , NYC, at 45 degrees,
    and gives the date , May 21st, “20 degrees of Taurus” And he says it is
    a fire in the sky from the King of Terror, and that appears to be IRAN,
    Then Nostradamus explains how it could get through the tightest air
    security , the NATO SAC Air Command Security. That Iran employs a
    deception to foolish French Aviation Command, who issue a license to
    permit the flight of a plane from Iran to Canada, and that then turns out
    to be the hijacked Boeing 777 . loaded with deceptive transponders and
    false signalling to trick the Normandy Station in France, and so
    Nostradamus said, “The Normans will be in CHAOS” .
    Then in addition to all this, the harbinger series of Sevens ,
    showing how the Stock Market fell on certain times related to the
    mystery of the Biblical Numerology of SEVENS , Now comes this threat to
    the whole economic system of America, the flight of Boeing 777, three
    Sevens , repeating the whole series of Harbingers of Sevens , that many
    have noted affected America sine 911.
    As to why Iran would want this terror attack , they want the Caliphate,
    and they need to out do the Saudi Arabs who managed the 911 attacks, In
    their desperate competition to win the Muslims over to their Persian side,
    the Shia side of Islam and away from the Arabian side or Sunni Muslim side
    of this contest over the Caliphate, they need to strike a greater terror
    hit on America than was 911. An aerial attack that is able to shut down
    all computers by radiation out of a nuclear device that is detonated over
    NYC would do worse than the hit on 911. All the electrical grid would go
    down, all communications, phone, tv ,radio , anything associated with
    transistors and computers, would be terminated, until new equipment is
    made to install and replace the services. That would put the POTUS over a
    Martial Law over the Nation and America may never be the same place. It
    would be a dramatic act , for strange bedfellows, the enemies without
    and the enemies within , the provocation for the end of the nation as we
    have known it, Of course Wall Street would collapse, in panic, people
    in darkness without any source of energy , the cars will not run either,
    for a long time. It would be a transforming event, one for the record

  • Rustic Shine 5 years ago

    OK! I am not usually this egotistical douche bag but i’m tossin my 2
    cents.. WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?!!? it was 237 people and we are spending
    MILLIONS of dollars looking for a plane we all know is gone! 237 people
    isn’t SHIT compared to the millions of people who die of hunger and disease

    The amount of resources that are being wasted over this is sickening. Get
    over it and move on people!!

  • awais anwar 5 years ago

    Whenever the U.S is involved in things, i honestly believe their
    responsible for these kinds of “accidents” No one else does it better then
    the U.S itself to divert your attention to something else so they can plot
    some other bull shit.

  • stefania1171 5 years ago

    It’s all lies from day one .

  • OneHundredPoints 5 years ago

    The plane is on the indian ocean where they are looking for it, under the

  • rockklimber24 5 years ago

    I wanna hear from someone that the “ping” they noticed is without a doubt
    tied to that specific 777 and not any other. IF that fact is true, plane is
    hijacked, likely landed, hidden, awaiting the heat to go away, then mounted
    with explosives and sent at a big target. Passengers are likely dead
    whether it crashed or got hijacked, or will be used as hostages in addition
    to the plane being used as a weapon. 

  • Ada Gutfull 5 years ago

    I know how to find the aeroplane. Just ask God. According Matthew 21 verse
    22, God will tell you the location of where the plane is. So, where’s YOUR
    faith? You obviously lack it. You need to get down on your knees and ask
    God for forgiveness for your lack of faith.

  • MrEddieG420 5 years ago

    If it was a Highjacking what airport Did they try and Fly the plane too and
    land at. My Bet is They tried to fly to the The UEA OR Saudi Arabia. I
    Still think the plane crashed somewhere or we would have heard demands from
    the Hijackers By now!

  • Edmunds Life 5 years ago

    I think “They” will eventually claim to have found the plane and that
    everybody is dead (even if they are still alive somewhere). Or claim that
    the passengers are still alive and wipe out their memory so that they
    wouldn’t remember how long they were away for. Or say it was just a test to
    see how the world would react. They can say anything to cover up the
    mystery behind it and 90% of the world will still believe it. They will
    repeat it 1000 times in the news and people will buy it.

  • Bronco Piscis 5 years ago

    This plane was hit by American air force because the plane was flying to
    Diego Garcia military base on the indian ocean. the pilot had the intention
    to destroy the military base that is why he was flying so low, disconneted
    the radars of the plane and changed the route without notify anybody.

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov 5 years ago

    I never once believed that there were any survivors from the missing
    flight; It’s just completely unlikely.
    However, I can’t help but feel cynical after this. So much for the
    #prayformh370 hashtag. I’m actually interested to know how those who prayed
    to their god(s) for the safety of the passengers are going to justify the
    If anything, this debacle proves once again as with many other events in
    history – god, if there even is one, does what he pleases.

  • Erik de Boer 5 years ago

    06:35 – someone is playing Flappy Bird XD

  • MrIcansee2 5 years ago

    This event is disturbing on many levels. Lets say it was stolen for
    nefarious reasons. This suggests you want the plane intact. It would have
    landed, refueled, picked up the ground crew and could be on any of
    thousands of islands anywhere. I’m afraid this senario probably does not
    bode well for unwanted guests. At altitude if the cabin is depressurized
    and/or the oxygen is turned off everybody dies quickly and quietly.
    This is the problem with having all this nuclear waste all over the place.
    Nuclear material does not have to be a bomb to kill with it. Raw nuclear
    waste all over a major city would devastate it for decades if not eons. If
    the men are Iranian it would be understandable that they would want revenge
    for all the depleted uranium and plutonium used against them by warring
    nations that deem themselves super powers. For something like this to
    happen these people would need a nations help. I hope I’m wrong. But I
    really believe that mans depravity knows no limits.

  • jeaniehopkirk2 5 years ago

    I believe the plane was hijacked by the pilots or the two Iranians…and
    the Chinese passengers went all Jackie Chan on the hijackers…there was a
    Chinese stunt man on board who did stunts for jet Li…I believe the
    Chinese fought like lions to stop the hijackers…but the plane was downed
    by the crazed muslims…just like flight United 93

  • Jerry Yu 5 years ago

    All Malaysia saying is: ” This is the end. We found nothing, no body, no
    plane, no trace, no landing site, nada, nothing…. and we do not want to
    search anymore. No landing site means crash. Could not find means crash. No
    info means who cares. Go blame British satellite, not our Malaysia
    business. This is the end of MH370. Go to India ocean to figure out on your
    own. Now it is the time to talk to insurance company to recover our money.
    Crash means insurance overage. Missing means no money, which means not
    good. Malaysia is end of story for this. ” 

  • Jagi Raoh 5 years ago

    Could it crash landed in a deserted mountain or a small island like in the
    movie, “Alive” or “Cast Away.” Sometimes the searchers never check
    carefully enough and they never search for a nearby island. 

  • BruceBlitzHasTits 5 years ago

    muslim pilots. what do you expect…

  • stgz13 5 years ago

    3 weeks and they still haven’t even recovered a piece of it, sound like
    someone is trying to cover it up, maybe malaysia fucked up and accidentally
    shot it down. or it landed somewhere potentially some remote island 

  • Caver461 5 years ago

    If any government really knows the location of the flight and it has been
    hijacked we would be the last to know – chances are there would be some
    kind of rescue attempt and the first we would hear is of the success or
    failure of that operation. You can absolutely bet that there are
    preparations in progress at this very minute and rescue teams would already
    be situated in the area. 

  • whereismybailouttv 5 years ago

    How much are the missing live’s worth?

  • MRKLjinjang 5 years ago

    Useless brown skin piece of shit killed himself taking 100s with him – big
    COWARD just like his fellow faggots when they organised mass murder against
    innocent Chinese civilians in 1969. China – you need to follow Russia’s
    nothing to fear from a 3rd world shit country. MALAYSIA PUKIMAMAMAMAMAAA !!

  • tim sund 5 years ago

    The whole thing with the photos released by the Chinese. ..WTF, is everyone
    blind? Clearly there is something in those satellite photos but it never
    zooms in, they search the area and find nothing and then the chinese say
    they released the photos by “mistake” end story…….are you serious?!