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It’s a short travel documentary in Myanmar-Burma. A fascinating view into one of the worlds most enigmatic territories and its culture with no more than backpack and curiosity, a trek that…



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  • Guglielmo Biason 4 years ago

    Hi, really like the video, well done. We just did a trip that is almost the
    same as yours. I have just published the video if interested

  • gary kirkham 4 years ago

    Hello Karolina. Just want to say how much I enjoyed your video of Myanmar.
    It looks a wonderful place to visit, which I intend to do. Thankyou Gary

  • Deepak kumar 4 years ago

    Nice one karolina, Today I got a chance to watch it.. Good Work.. Vocals in
    video is yours???

  • うんちvapourswag420うんち 4 years ago

    Really great video, thanks for sharing 🙂 

  • Relax Hall 4 years ago