Asia Info

Asia Info is a professional holiday booking service that makes your holiday planning easy and affordable. Our air travel and accommodation charges are often better than the large travel companies as we do not affiliate with just with one partner, we compare with many to get you the best pricing. As well as being an outstanding travel booking service, Asia Info also collects the best travel reviews & guides to help you make the most of your trip. As well as working in the travel buiness for many years our team have traveled extensively around the world so you can be certain we realise what works and what doesn’t.

Our Mission Statement…

1. To professionally maintain and keep up to date with the latest data from our hotels & airlines partners.
2. Ensure our customers find it very simple to find what they desire at the best pricing.
3.Always remain competitive with our prices of our services.
4.Continue to offer flexibility & choice of all other related travel products to our customers.

We are an  international travel business which is absolutely free to our users, we know our customers save time and money so we would like to encourage everyone to share our business and spread the word about Asia Info to your friends & family.

Best Regards,
The Asia Info Team

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