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Hey! Add me on Facebook: (Click Link) Eating delicious Burmese street food is one of the best things to do around the …



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  • klzy999 5 years ago

    Hey Mark, what’s the name of the song at the beginning? It sounds lovely!

  • Noxmoony 5 years ago

    That was awesome! Great to see a bit of Burma…Would love to go there and
    try all this lovely food there someday!

  • sophie xiong 5 years ago

    you really suit long hair huh

  • piesaregreatyumyum 5 years ago

    @Mark Wiens. Happy travels Mark. Do you have the title name for the song
    or group in this video? Cheers .

  • Kenneth Wong 5 years ago

    A taste of Yangon, YouTube video series exploring the street food in
    Burma’s capital. #burma #burmesefood #burmesecuisine 

  • Suman Mishra 5 years ago

    Hey Mark, just followed your 2 videos and must say – apart from the view
    that you bring as a traveller letting know even some small but amazing
    things local to that place you employ great music in background. can you
    share those music which you used too ? And next time, in Delhi, do let me
    know.. we can catch up 

  • LETPLAYGTA :D 5 years ago

    I ate the burma noodle taste so so good

  • plutosunshine 5 years ago

    gourmay and thrillseeker

  • camelia markham 5 years ago

    CoOl transportation:-D riding in back of pickup truck. It has been
    awhile…since I’ve had the pleasure! So many things are illegal now:/

  • Brandon Hee 5 years ago

    great music man

  • Zin walker 5 years ago

    wow.. surprised that u can eat and enjoy Burmese food. 🙂 Thumb up!!!

  • Zaw Min TUN 5 years ago

    nice one mate

  • pisdiz 5 years ago

    thosai is tamil, aint burmese

  • tack measuria 5 years ago

    Do you ever get tummy upset and how do you control that with eating all
    this different foods.

  • Edmund Gwi 5 years ago

    A Taste of Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) – Burmese Street Food Video

  • NSK131 5 years ago

    Great Video Mark have you tried getting a job in the main stream media
    doing a travel show you would be really good at it 😉

  • jimmy roberson 5 years ago

    Dude burna!!!! I’m jealous! That golden buddha shrine/temple!!!! I hear
    there are so many Leiden buddha staues/ temples/ caves in berma….mike
    your brave to have done all this alone! I have been all over Asia now on
    your channel! Thanks! My only wish…more video like u did in Shri Lanka! 🙂

  • chanthima khlangchan 5 years ago

    you are too cute

  • sathiya krishna 5 years ago

    Ginger salad with warm chinese tea are like heaven’s food ..

  • himsayhimdo 5 years ago

    Great video, Mark. Really enjoyed watching you try everything. I’m pretty
    much the same, love trying new things!

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Hey Vivianne, that’s good advice. I took some chances and was fine, but if
    you’re not accustomed, it can be risky. Hope you have a great time!

  • May Thu 5 years ago

    Now I want to eat…….

  • Nyein Aung 5 years ago

    yea..if u dont wanna get certain bacteria and viruses, it’s better to stay
    away from street food *and drinks also*. but street food tastes really good

  • George Swar 5 years ago

    I’m glad you enjoyed the food & thanks for visiting.

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Hey, thank you for watching and glad you enjoyed it. No, no health checkup,
    but I’m still alive now! The food was excellent, and I did mostly eat hot
    fresh food as well as food in the morning market. I drank mostly bottled
    water and tea. How long have you lived in the US? Will you go back to visit?