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25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Get a copy of my things to do in Bangkok travel guide – “This eBook is a treasure for everyone i…
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  • StairwayTwoZeppelin 5 years ago

    Thailand is worth a visit but Don’t trust the Thai people Even the
    hotel Tour Guides will take you to shops that you don’t want to visit so
    they can get themselves commission instead of taking you to the sights.
    Taxies are no better they will Take you the wrong way or to the wrong place
    on a meter charge purposely to get more money. …..SO…..Go to places by
    Sky Train , Bus & River Boat look up the information & you can get
    Everywhere this way ! ……This video did miss off No.1 The Golden Buddha
    it is in China Town & is the most Expensive religious item in the world &
    one of the most Beautiful as well & No.2 The High Class Lebua Restaurant &
    Sky Bar near the Sky Train Saphan Taksin station at the river it probably
    has the best view in Bangkok and Just up the river from there is
    No.3 The New Asiatique riverside Night Bazaar with a Big Wheel, Restaurants
    & lots of great shops. You can get there by going to the Saphan Taksin Sky
    Train station by the river & getting a free ride on the boat to Asiatique.

    BUT ! Please Heed this WARNING though…. I have to say this !…….
    Thailand is the Land of Lies , Cheating & Thai people are the most Two
    Faced people I have Ever encountered in any country. The people will
    smile to your face if they think you have money & Think You might buy
    something from them or they can get your money some how. They will try &
    cheat you so be warned if you go there… I hate to say this but it is
    VERY TRUE & This is coming from a real tourist that has been
    their multiple times with family & not from one of
    those Desperate / Scumbag / Loser…… tourist if you know what I mean !

  • ezfla 5 years ago

    there is only 1 thing important to do in bkk….LEAVE…the land of 50
    million smiles turned into the land of 50 million lies.When the sex trade
    is your main source of gdp and the police control it,you then see it is
    truly the whorehouse of asia.I would rather fuck a zombie then a thai
    girl,at least the zombie wants to eat your brain,not try to suck your life

  • shat hat 5 years ago

    the foods so spicy u will shit out blood and ur ass hole will need to be

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    VIDEO: 25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand… including lots of
    mouthwatering food!

  • Ben McCrea 5 years ago

    I lived in Malaysia for 2 years as a child and I can’t wait to get back to
    the Far East to sample the sights, smells and taste etc….

  • ufcmania127 5 years ago

    What about strip clubs

  • Fattboy26 5 years ago

    Mark did they give you a happy finish with the massage?

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago
  • Mehmet Vines 5 years ago

    I wish I had the money to go and do stuff there. :3

  • Kingeng Kim 5 years ago

    It’s nice place. there are so many interesting places and people is kind

  • nicholas georgoudakis 5 years ago


  • Stevie Jones 5 years ago

    I love thailand I been once but wanna go again!

  • Kofi Harris 5 years ago

    it safe to go to bangkok now

  • wanitsawan wichatiwanon 5 years ago

    This is awesome!
    Can’t wait to go back to my home country.

  • papada incou 5 years ago

    u forgot ” Klong-Tom” the market of multi player, movie cd,dvd, games

  • nicholas georgoudakis 5 years ago


  • saraswati Chandra 5 years ago

    I am planing on taking to trip to Thailand,Thank you for posting your video

  • H ink tran 5 years ago

    thank you mark so much with ur videos it help sooo much with my trip to
    bangkok last yr.
    me and my misses watch your videos months n months before the trip
    great details on place to go n see
    keep up on the great work 

  • kengkimme 5 years ago

    i love thailand^___^ i like vdo ^___^

  • justback .andaway 5 years ago

    me and my partner went to Bangkok last year as well as Phuket. We loved it
    so much were going back in april. Love your video mark, cheers for making
    it haha reminds me of how wonderful Bangkok is:) gosh im excited to eat so
    much delicious thai food again.

  • thedrummerboy1 5 years ago

    food and shopping,,boring.BKK has much more to offer.

  • Alice NoWonder 5 years ago

    I miss the food :-/

  • Jamesiltes Ntkontake 5 years ago


  • Nice Nail Arts 5 years ago

    Is it much cheaper to by electronics in bangkok? (comparing to

  • Virág Németh 5 years ago

    Thanks Your video!!! It’s amazing!