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Here’s my travel guide article about Kolkata – Kolkata, India, was the first city I vis…



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  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    After spending 10 days in Kolkata, India, I came up with a video list of
    top things to do and see. Enjoy!

  • Chandan Chakraborty 5 years ago

    thanks Mark Wiens for posting Amar kolkata

  • myspaceLOVERZ 5 years ago

    who the fuck chooses a cemetery when looking for tourist attractions?

  • Tamal Paul 5 years ago

    Its a nice video but you have missed lots of other places which has equal

  • Escalera Royal 5 years ago

    priceless face expressions in the end :)

  • abhi ray 5 years ago

    nyc indian accent dickshit

  • Subhankar Karmakar 5 years ago

    Hi Mark,I am a resident of Kolkata and a big fan of yours.I am sure this is
    in the month of December as everyone is on their woolens.Keep on travelling
    the world tasting all local cuisines.Best Wishes.

  • Max Lee 5 years ago

    Love your videos. I am planning to also go there.By the way, I have never
    traveled to India before. Anyways, thanks for the advice on places to
    travel in Kolkata. I really enjoyed your video!!!

  • ali hamza 5 years ago

    i love ur videos mayn….plz don’t leave eating…

  • Mainakhsi Boral 5 years ago

    My city…..Amaar Kolkata…..

  • sHoVan pyne 5 years ago

    Love my state!!! Its the best

  • Kelsey Dennison 5 years ago

    I love the way you smile every time you eat something

  • Jayanta Ghosh 5 years ago

    Good, but many other things are there at Kolkata .It’s a city with full of
    joy, a city with full life , a city with culture , a city with respect
    …… we love our city

  • Debankan Banerjee 5 years ago

    Hii Mark..lovely little coverage of my city..liked it..but as you know
    kolkata in its 300+ years of history..has more than one can think..and i
    would have been delighted if you could hav highlighted the sweets of
    kolkata..Rosogolla(Cottage cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup), Misti Doi(
    Sweet Curd) these two are legendary, trust me!! 🙂 next time you come to
    Kolkata i will expect u to knock me once..;) cheers!!

  • exec9292 5 years ago

    Good job buddy

  • charuprava 5 years ago

    I’m from Kolkata.Youe documentation is really interesting.
    Watch my video on Sunderban only 90 KM from Kolkata.

  • John Bhaktul 5 years ago

    Pretty cool video of Kolkata, India.

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Hey Patricia, thanks for watching. It’s not the best place especially for
    solo females, but I’d say groups would be fine. I was with my wife, and she
    felt a lot better in Kolkata than in Delhi. Overall I though Kolkata was
    quite friendly. Are you thinking about visiting?

  • Abhishake Mitra 5 years ago

    Mark you just got me nostalgic especially with the Street Foods.. Gosh its
    been a year since got a bite of those.. And next time you visit my City,
    please do visit Park Street and College Street..

  • tia malhotra 5 years ago

    u r very cute iam from kolkata its a wonderful place awsum video

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    That’s alright, you can always visit!

  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago


  • Frank332666 5 years ago

    Thank you very much for your kind response!

  • prashant kumar 5 years ago

    very nice…………. 🙂

  • ginost7 5 years ago

    Did you get tommy bug eating street food, Did you take imodium??