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鎌倉観光のお寺参りでYamahaの自転車!!? 込んでるときに助かったー  ^^

Japan Travel Guide: Kamakura Temple Tour 鎌倉の観光を電動自転車でツアーしたよ。距離を回るのであれば電動自転車がおすすめです。だってさー鎌倉ってこ…
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  • 今北産業 4 years ago


  • Tanuki 4 years ago

    Can you do something on Enoshima Island please? 

  • Tanuki 4 years ago

    Hi, at 4:31 this temple have a special signification ? what they pray for
    there ? 

  • Tanuki 4 years ago

    Hi, at 4:31 this temple have a special signification ? what they pray for
    there ? 

  • rcdudedrivingrccars 4 years ago

    japan looks awesome i wanna move either to japan ore england

  • JpnHawk 4 years ago

    Another great video. I need to go to Kamakura again! Made a quick stop
    there on a school trip last year, but only went to see the daibutsu. Looks
    like there is much, much more to check out.

  • Pissontheroof 4 years ago

    what was the deal where and when you were washing the 1000 yen okane ???

  • maiming betty 4 years ago

    oh, yeah, thanks.

  • Charzy2008 4 years ago

    600 yen for coke…hmmm

  • Tobbytheking 4 years ago

    I found in a shrine in kyoto a wish that said the following in english: ” I
    NEED to get laid this year”

  • PrincesCrocodile 4 years ago

    Excellent video!

  • thepigofhappiness 4 years ago

    11:16 that guy was ecstatic! Couldnt contain his happiness.

  • 2011October14 4 years ago

    so cool, luv it!

  • Dino2jp 4 years ago

    プチ旅行ですね。楽しいビデオでした。 Thank you for uploading !

  • some country need a license for bicycle.

  • askacheung 4 years ago

    Love this video, one of your best yet. You should do these long videos more
    often ^^

  • AthenaSaints 4 years ago


  • thijsseghers 4 years ago

    Oh man, I miss Kamakura… stayed there for a month with a host family,
    just outside Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.

  • BlazinSquadron 4 years ago

    Wow… that is cool ^^ Thanks a lot !!

  • Ell B 4 years ago

    I wasn’t asking whether he was Gaijin. I was asking about whether there are
    restaurants in Japan that don’t allow them. I heard a rumor that they have
    signs that say ‘no foreigners’ and they refuse to serve you. I was just
    trying to see whether it was true or not. No need to thumb me down.

  • tyderiankiri88 4 years ago

    Heyt!! very informative videos jajaja, honestly, thanks for show us that
    culture and all the crazy stuff jajaja. What about a video in an Anime
    Convention or in a Rock concert, maybe that crazy and creepy Bars or
    Restaurants they have in that lands jajaja please do some about that xD
    again, thanks dude! greetings from Sonora, México!!! End of
    message——————— Transmission completed——— Thanks for
    your time—————-

  • daws0on 4 years ago

    your latest, was the greatest! Keep Em Comin!

  • MikeRyu 4 years ago

    Cool video. Don’t know why it took me this long to watch it.

  • Breyku 4 years ago

    Loving The Long Videos.Cheers Dude.16 minutes FTW!!!

  • Great tour, thankyou!