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People, people everywhere! This is part two of our 2010 China experience. Unwittingly, we began our China trip on one of the busiest Chinese public holidays,…



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  • Travel China Guide 4 years ago

    Yes, that’s true in China, Thank you for sharing

  • anderaina 4 years ago

    i will go mad if i have to face such crowds everyday

  • Rave Runner 4 years ago

    What is the name of song/singers?

  • Rave Runner 4 years ago

    @mvirtuallyhere Thank you.

  • mvirtuallyhere 4 years ago

    @pyreneeamour The song is 北京歡迎你 (beijing huan ying ni, literally “Beijing
    welcomes you”) “Welcome to Beijing” one of the official songs of the 2008
    Olympics, sung by various artistes including Jackie Chan. To find out more
    about the song, click on the “北京歡迎你” tag in the box above. You’re welcome.